DWI Charges: What They Are and What They Aren’t

Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is probably not on your top ten list of coolest things that can happen to you. However, regardless of the sort of intoxication charge, you always have a good chance of getting a good result if you call the top DWI lawyers in Houston or elsewhere as soon as possible. Never assume that the worst will happen or that you won’t be successful in your case. Even with a high blood test or a high breath test, DWI charges and related cases are frequently defendable. Even if you’ve drove recklessly or caused an accident, you may be able to effectively defend a DWI charge. Even after failing field sobriety tests or confessing guilt to a police officer, a person accused of DWI may be able to avoid a conviction. We have obtained dismissals and trial acquittals in practically every sort of DWI case, including the most serious intoxicated charges, at Scheiner Law Group, P.C.

One of the reasons you should never think that your case is hopeless is because of our exceptional track record. Also, don’t let anyone persuade you that your cause isn’t worth pursuing. The stakes are exceedingly high in DWI and associated situations, both personally and professionally. You deserve an aggressive, winning defence from the best DWI lawyer you can find if your reputation and future are on the line.

Why Do You Need A DWI Attorney?

DWI charges come in a variety of forms. The information shown here is simply the top of the iceberg. Officers of the law and prosecutors are both human, and they can and do make mistakes. Furthermore, some police officers are either untrained or do not offer you a fair chance to escape being detained.

DWIs and drunkenness violations have become far too serious for a person to appear in court without the assistance of the top criminal defence attorney in Houston, Texas. Every step of the road, a Houston DWI lawyer from Scheiner Law Group, P.C. will stand shoulder to shoulder with you. You should never accept anything less than the best in a court of law.

Aggravating Factors in DWI

The legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) in Minnesota is.08. It’s also illegal to consume any amount of alcohol that affects your ability to drive a car, regardless of blood alcohol content. If you’ve been charged with any sort of DWI, a DWI attorney can tell you what legal standards must be completed before the State can prove the allegations against you.

Driving while intoxicated is also defined as having any level of a schedule I or II restricted substance in your blood or urine. Having a minor in the car, past convictions or licence suspensions within the last ten years, and having a blood alcohol percentage of.16 or higher are all aggravating factors. Refusing a breath test when one is provided is a more serious offence. However, each of those aggravating elements must be demonstrated, and a DWI lawyer may examine the facts of your case to see if the State has the evidence needed to do so.

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