Where did the lawyer profession come from? What can we build that we can call the material history of the lawyer? Read on to learn more.

Where did the lawyer profession come from?

What can we build that we can call the material history of the lawyer? Many historical contingencies had to come together to make possible the legal profession as we know it today.

Speech is the first highly valued human act in the legal profession. Without speech, and language in general, humans will not have the ability to think critically or communicate ideas. As language evolved over time, it accumulated more words, signs, references, etc. which allowed increasingly complex ideas to be communicated.

Rhetoric and philosophy, as practiced in ancient Greece, also played a role in the emergence of the role of argument, critical thinking, and debate as valued activities. Many of the techniques developed by rhetoric in ancient Greece are still used by lawyers today.

A centralized form of government is also one of the preconditions for the practice of law. Government bodies must exist before the creation of laws. Previously, in BUMN without a central state, of course there were accepted conventions of behavior and techniques used to enforce social obligations, such as avoidance. It could be argued that it was from a social obligation that law originated, but with the emergence of the state, large territories were subject to a homogeneous legal code enforced by the bodies of central government.

How is the legal code repeated across regions?

Writing practice is the next piece of the puzzle in the formation of the modern lawyer. Because not everyone was taught how to read and write, in early and state societies, class differences arose between literate and non-literate segments of the population. Clerics and priests studied the intricacies of their despot religious legal system and were the first form of what we call lawyers.

Record keeping and accounting play a role in the need for literate classes to meet to interpret, discuss, and debate the finer points of law. The discovery of money should also be mentioned, as the courts were used to compensate victims and fine those who broke the law.

Document presentation and verbal discussion must be coordinated hierarchically, because legal legitimacy comes from above in the chain of command. The need for courts and judges. The court serves as an official meeting place for lawyers as well as an opportunity for judges to decide cases.

In the modern legal system, lawyers are still under the jurisdiction of judges, who in turn must answer the state; However, lawyers also have a bigger role, as people are allowed to defend themselves in court. In a criminal case, the accused can defend himself with a legal representative. In civil cases, an attorney represents clients and works to protect them from fines, or maximize the amount they are rewarded.

Law, as a profession, has come a long way, and has more responsibilities now than ever before due to the ever-increasing complexity of the legal system. Just as anything develops over time, through process, without disparaging, contingent factors coming together, the modern legal profession would not exist as we know it.

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